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Welcome to ‘week seventeen’ of our Continuous Improvement Agenda (CIA) email series for 2020. The CIA is our polite nudge in the ribs to help you embed a routine of documenting your self-assessment and quality improvement plan.

Element 3.1.1: Fit for purpose
Outdoor and indoor spaces, buildings, fixtures and fittings are suitable for their purpose, including supporting the access of every child.

Fit for purpose

Provide a physical environment that is safe and includes space for children to work and play together individually and in small and large groups

Include children’s voice in arranging resources and furniture to create opportunities for creativity, independence and risky play

Consider how grouping of children within the learning environment minimises conflict between children and supports the range of children’s development, skills, interests and age

Ensure quiet areas are physically located away from noisier experiences so children are able to fully engage in each and every experience without undue distraction

Consider the amount of space available indoors and outdoors for different groups and ages of children

Regularly evaluate indoor and outdoor plans of furniture and resource placement

Layout and design
Within System7 you can utilise QA3 / Module 1 and 2 to document your assessment and improvement considerations. The Suggestions area also contains further information including: supervision and visibility, soft fall and fencing, shade, accessibility, glass, spaces for staff, food preparation and storage – plus more.

The Childcare Centre Desktop also provides modules to support environmental responsibility, supervision, safety and equipment.

Resources, NQS Element, Regulation and System7 links

Childcare Centre Desktop – Compliance / Physical Environment
National Quality Standard – QA3 / Element: 3.1.1
System7 Module – QA1 – 1 and 2
National Regulation – Part 4.3 Physical environment (Reg:103-115)

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