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Enrolment and Orientation

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Welcome to our weekly quality improvement support series for 2021.

“It’s our polite nudge in the ribs to help you and your team stay organised and on task.”

This week’s subject is Enrolment and Orientation

Element 6.1.1: Engagement with the service

Families are supported from enrolment to be involved in the service and contribute to service decisions.

Does your enrolment and orientation process make a lasting, positive impact on new families to your service? American actor, Will Rogers once said, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. This is especially relevant when it comes to the month just prior and following that all important ‘first day’.

First impressions are lasting, and you only get one chance – one chance to ensure each family feels that they have made the right decision for their child and their family. It begins at the first meeting, extends to the service tour, documentation and orientation. Keeping in mind that throughout this whole process the child’s sense of security and engagement can influence the outcome.

Ensure that your enrolment and orientation process is detailed, well organised, warm, welcoming, and appropriately planned to meet each child’s and their family’s individual needs. This will help to ensure that the family feels comfortable enough to provide feedback, engage with educators, activities and other children from day one.


Enrolment and orientation

Enrolment and orientation- Family Day Care

OSHC Case study

Build strong partnerships with families

First impressions, lasting impressions

Within System7 (QA6 / modules 1, 2 and 3) there is a range of prompts within the Suggestions area. These include:

  • Enrolment and orientation information
  • Policies and procedures
  • Family handbook
  • Orientation
  • Communication
  • Diaries and surveys

The Childcare Centre Desktop also contains an Enrolment Pack module with all the required resources to set up your enrolment systems.

  • Enrolment Discussion and Tour Checklist
  • Enrolment Form
  • Family Handbook
  • Written Arrangement Form
  • Enrolment letter to parents
  • Daily routines – Guide
  • Orientation Evaluation Form (For Families)
  • Orientation Audit (For Service)
  • What to bring for LDC (Guide)
  • What to bring for Preschool (Guide)
  • Re-enrolment Form
  • Enrolment Form Inclusions

Resources, NQS Element, Regulation and System7 links

Childcare Centre Desktop – Compliance / Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

National Quality Standard – QA6 / Element: 6.1.1

System7 Module – QA6 / Modules 1, 2 and 3

National Regulations – 157160, 168

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