Educators spend more time with the children & parents are better informed – that’s the Kindyhub experience!

Kindyhub is secure web-based software enabling educators to simplify and streamline documentation and enhance communication with parents, in-turn improving children’s learning outcomes..

Educators can quickly link to Early Learning Frameworks and Standards. We also enable flexibility to those centres who wish to customize links and add their own outcomes and philosophies.

Our Parent App tailors communication to the fast paced lifestyles of busy parents allowing around the clock access to view their child’s information (photos, stories, & achievements) and supporting quick and easy two way communication (parent feedback, medical alerts, newsletters, reminders, events, menus etc). Parents gain deeper knowledge of how their child is developing and the opportunity for further involvement to expand on their child’s learning potential.

  • Revolutionizing educators’ tracking of children’s learning and development
  • Freeing up time to spend with the children and easily share their experiences with family
  • Flexible, customisable cloud-based software can be used on any device

Kindyhub includes flexible features that help save time and resources.