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Responsible Person on Duty

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Welcome to our weekly quality improvement support series for 2021.

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This week’s subject is: Responsible Person on Duty

The responsible person is either the Approved provider, someone with management and control, the Nominated Supervisor or a person appointed by the Nominated Supervisor/Approved Provider.


The Responsible Person must:

  • be over 18 years of age
  • have successfully completed an ACECQA approved child protection training course
  • have adequate knowledge and understanding of the provision of education and care to children and their responsibilities within the role of responsible person
  • have an ability to effectively supervise and manage the service

A Responsible Person must be on the premises at all times, and the details of the Responsible Person will be clearly visible to families and visitors at the main entry of the Service.

If the Responsible Person leaves the premises (during the hours that children are being educated and cared for), they will ‘hand over’ obligations for the role to another duly appointed person at the Service. It is vital that all handovers to a designated Responsible Person are documented when commencing this position throughout the day. The process for determining the Responsible Person will be clear to all educators and staff, and procedures will be always followed. Both the outgoing and incoming Responsible Persons will ensure the displayed name of the current Responsible Person at the Service correctly reflects who presently holds the position. Responsible Person Policy Feb 2021 – Childcare Centre Desktop


  • Communicate with families when a new Responsible Person has been appointed via your Service newsletter or information sharing app
  • Display a photograph of the Responsible Person on duty in a prominent position in the foyer for ease of viewing and identifying this person for families. If this person changes during the day for any reason, ensure the photograph also changes.
  • If the Responsible Person needs to change during the day, they will ‘hand over’ obligations for the role to another duly appointed person at the service.
  • It is vital that the Responsible Person is documented on the staff roster when taking over this position.

Written consent to accept the position is required via a formal Offer and Acceptance form which includes:

  • Personal details
  • Required documentation (criminal history check, working with children check etc.)
  • Declaration

Responsible Person Offer and Acceptance:

To consent to the position of Responsible Person, you must ensure you are familiar with the requirements and obligations set out under the National Quality Framework of Early Childhood Education and Care which includes the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations and understand the roles and responsibilities of this position.


Responsible Person Requirements for Approved Providers

Who’s Who At Our Service

Within System7 go to QA4 / Module 2 to submit self-assessment notes and if required, open a QIP issue if you detect compliance gaps.

To support the understanding, implementation and documentation required to manage the position of Responsible Person the Childcare Centre Desktop has a dedicated policy and module which includes: Offer and Acceptance Form, Responsible Person on Duty sign and related procedure.

Resources, NQS Element, Regulation and System7 links

Childcare Centre Desktop – Responsible Person Consent

National Quality Standard – QA4 / Element: 4.1.1

National Regulations – 117A, 117B and 117C

System7 Module – QA4 / Module: 2

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