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Safe Sleep and Rest

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Welcome to our weekly quality improvement support series for 2021.

“It’s our polite nudge in the ribs to help you and your team stay organised and on task.”

This week’s subject is: Safe Sleep and Rest

Element 2.1.1: Wellbeing and comfort

Each child’s wellbeing and comfort is provided for, including appropriate opportunities to meet each child’s need for sleep, rest and relaxation.

All children have individual sleep and rest requirements. Are you able to meet these needs? Is the space comfortable, welcoming, relaxing, and safe – and can you show evidence that it’s well supervised and that parents are informed about their child’s daily sleep routine?

Children’s sleep requirements will vary from one child to another. Additionally, each child’s needs for sleep may differ from one day to the next, depending on their routines at home. It’s important that services have an effective system in place to ensure the exchange of this crucial information to allow Educators to better cater to children’s individual and varying needs. 

Review your service’s practices and consider the following:

  • Do you complete a sleep/rest chart for each individual child, detailing each time the child falls asleep and wakes up & is this record shared with families each day?
  • Do you have evidence that educators regularly check/inspect sleeping children at regular intervals and that they are effectively supervising children by always being within sight and hearing distance of sleeping and resting children?
  • Do you assess each child’s circumstance and current health? Keeping in mind that a child who is unwell will need to be monitored more frequently. Additionally, children who are taking medication or have recently been vaccinated may also require closer monitoring.
  • Do your educators look for and respond to children’s cues for sleep?
  • Do you conduct a regular safe sleep audit to ensure best practice is being always implemented?
  • Do you ensure all relevant information is available in a handbook for parents and families and made available from the time of enrolment?
  • Do you provide other alternatives for rest and relaxation for children who do not sleep? 


Meeting children’s sleep, rest and relaxation needs

Unpacking the key elements of R81 and R168

Red Nose- Safe sleeping

Sleep and rest physical environment considerations

Within System7 go to QA2 / Module 1 to submit self-assessment notes and if required, open a QIP issue.

These modules include suggestions for: safe sleep record, monitoring, individual routines, parent handbook, communication and the physical environment.

To support safe sleep documentation the Childcare Centre Desktop has a dedicated Safe Sleep Policy, Rest Time Procedure, Individual Daily Report and Safe Sleep Audit.

Resources, NQS Element, Regulation and System7 links

Childcare Centre Desktop – Childcare Forms

National Quality Standard – QA2 / Element: 2.1.1

National Regulations – 81 Sleep and rest / 168 Education and care service must have policies and procedures

System7 Module – QA2 / Module: 1

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