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Work Health and Safety

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Welcome to our weekly quality improvement support series for 2021.

“It’s our polite nudge in the ribs to help you and your team stay organised and on task.

This week’s subject is: Work Health and Safety

Element 7.1.2: Management Systems  

Systems are in place to manage risk and enable the effective management and operation of a quality service.

Are you aware of your legal responsibilities to ensure that all health and safety needs are being met? Effective management systems are crucial in the management of organisational risks. Your policies and procedures must support a high standard of hygiene practices to control the spread of infectious diseases, the prevention and management of injuries and illness, and the provision of a safe and secure physical environment for children, families, staff and visitors.


Within System7 you can utilise QA7 / Module 24 to document self-assessment notes and QIP issues in respect of Element 7.1.2 and your management of work health and safety.

The Childcare Centre Desktop also contains relevant policies, procedures and compliance modules to support your overall work health and safety routines.

Log into the Childcare Centre Desktop to access a range of resources including:

  • Work Health and Safety Manual
  • Work Health and Safety Support Role description
  • Work Health and Safety Audit
  • Work Health and Safety policies relevant to each sector


Work Health and Safety Manual – Childcare Centre Desktop

National Quality Standard – QA7 / Element 7.1.2

Safe Work Australia – website

System7 Module – QA7-24

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