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Working with Children Check

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Welcome to our weekly quality improvement support series for 2021.

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This week’s subject is: Working with children check

Element 4.2.2: Professional Standards

Professional standards guide practice, interactions and relationships.


Do you have clear, strict procedures in place for the screening of all employees, volunteers and relief staff?

Approved Providers are required to provide a safe environment for children by ensuring that any employee or volunteer has a current Working with Children Check (WWCC). Approved Providers must ensure that all of those engaged in child related work at the service have their Working with Children Checks renewed prior to the expiry to ensure that no one is engaged with children without a current Working with Children Check.

Services should keep a WWCC register with expiry dates for all employees, volunteers, Family Day Care Assistants (and FDC residents over 18). Set alert reminders for when expiry dates are approaching.

Working with children checks (in NSW) that are/were due to expire between 19.7.2021 and 26.01.2022 have been extended by three months. People who fall under this category will automatically be granted an extension and will be notified via email.

Employers must ensure they verify a WWCC number before engaging a candidate/volunteer in child related work. Obtaining a copy of a WWCC clearance from the employee/volunteer does not satisfy your obligations. Verifications must be done by the employer and are completed through the employer’s portal of the Office of the Children’s Guardian.


Office of the Children’s Guardian

Applying for a Working with Children Check

Responsibilities of working with children employers 

Working with Children Check Victoria; Organisation obligations

Within System7 go to QA4 / Module 8  or QA 7/ Module 25 to submit your self-assessment notes and if required, open a QIP issue.

The Childcare Centre Desktop has a range of state specific Child Protection policies which include provisions for Working with Children Checks.

Resources, NQS Element, Regulation and System7 links

Childcare Centre Desktop –  Child Protection policies

National Quality Standard – QA4 / Element 4.2.2

System7 Module – QA4 / Module 8 and QA7 / Module 25

National Regulation –147153 (FDC), 358 (VIC)

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