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System7 is a powerful online tool that takes the headache out of completing and monitoring your Self-Assessment and QIP tasks.

  • Easily record tasks across all 7 quality areas
  • See a snapshot of everything you have completed
  • See what still needs to be done
  • The latest compliance and regulatory info at your fingertips
  • Helpful tips and QIP suggestions will keep you moving
  • Generate custom reports in seconds

Get your QIP on track and let your business thrive.

System7 makes the complex task of compliance and quality improvement simple, so you can get back to the business of quality care and education.

System7 gives you the confidence to begin from any quality area, track your progress and know where to return.
Efficiently document strengths in practice and evidence of exceeding the National Quality Standard.
Invite additional users to assist in documentation. Delegate selected quality areas based on experience and trust.

Mulgoa Preschool

System7 has made a significant difference to our Service and how we update QIP. We have found it to be easy to use and saved us time plus helped us confidently work through the A&R process

Crestwood Childcare Centre

Basically, we would not have achieved the 'Exceeding' rating at all without the assistance of System7. The Assessor told us that many Services have been operating for over 10 years and still have not been able to achieve this result. A big thank you!

Indigo Early Learning Centre

I love how easy the program is to use, the layout and the way each section has been broken down in steps. It makes the whole process less daunting than being faced with a report style.

Salvos Early Learning

Just accessed the upgraded System 7, and I love it. Great new look and functionality. Good job, guys!

Grange Public School OSHC

System 7 has provided us with an extensive breakdown of the NQS. All our Educators are able to contribute to the documentation in their own time and from wherever they are. Makes it such a valuable tool.

Diocese of Rockhampton OSHC

I want to say a very big thank you for this wonderful program. Feedback from our A & R with using this program was so positive. As an OSHC service it is very hard to receive Exceeding and I truly believe that this program helped us reach this rating.

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Frequently asked questions

Allow us to educate, inform and guide you through the System7 experience.
Before you use System 7 for the first time, we recommend that you watch the User Guide videos and read each of the frequently asked questions.

How do I sign up for the free trial?

When you click ‘FREE TRIAL’ you will be directed to fields to submit your contact details, Username & Password.


In the final days of the free trial you will be prompted to either continue OR cancel. If you decide to remain a member simply follow our instructions to the payment gateway.

Our preferred supplier for online transactions is eWay. They provide the option to have your payment debited from a credit card, debit card or your PayPal account.

Once completed, you’ll be directed back to the DASHBOARD

How often can we use the program?

You can use the program as many times as required.

System7 has been designed so you can complete an entire Self Assessment and QIP of all quality areas.

Each year, as situations change you can review and adjust OR you can do a full reset and start again. (NOT RECOMMENDED but if you choose to do so, you will be prompted to generate a full report and download copies of your previous Self Assessment and QIP before clicking the reset button.)

Do I need to be conected to the internet?

Yes – System7 has been built for convenience so you can gain access from any location. We utilise the most secure cloud based servers available to ensure your information is safe and private – yet accessible.

How often is content reviewed and updated?

The management of content, guidance and regulation adjustments to support a successful ‘Assessment & Rating’ preparation is vigorously maintained.

The efficiency and effectiveness of System7 is of paramount importance to us. Our own commitment to continuous improvement and the resulting investment is ongoing.

Can I use it on my smartphone or ipad?

Yes – the design is based around the iPad format but will automatically adjust to match your preferred system.


We are proud to be working with the following organisations

Childcare Centre Desktop gives you the ‘time-smart’ resources for your day-to-day child care service operations. Our aim is to simplify the operational, commercial and compliance responsibilities.


The Australian Childcare Alliance (ACA) is the national peak body that represents, informs, advocates for and promotes quality early learning services throughout Australia.


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