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Health Practices and Procedures

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Welcome to our weekly quality improvement support series for 2021.

“It’s our polite nudge in the ribs to help you and your team stay organised and on task.”

This week’s subject is: Health practices and procedures  

Element 2.1.2: Health practices and procedures

Effective illness and injury management and hygiene practices are promoted and implemented.

Now, more than ever is it crucial that your Service’s cleaning and hygiene practices and related policies and procedures are part of a ‘critical essential routine’ including the upkeep of resources that support the prevention and management of a potential COVID-19 outbreak.

Childcare services have always implemented, modelled, and promoted good hygiene and cleaning practices but how do you ensure strict adherence to a routine? Who manages this routine and how is it documented? This may involve related policy updates, procedure reviews, staff awareness and promotion to families. Practices can include:

  • control of infectious diseases
  • COVID-19 influenced drop off/pick up procedures
  • procedures and schedules for cleaning and sanitising 
  • social distancing
  • use of face masks where & when applicable
  • washing of toys and equipment
  • food safety and kitchen hygiene
  • hand washing and nose blowing
  • toileting procedures and nappy changing

Services should refer to the Staying Healthy in Childcare resource when reviewing practice, policies and procedures.

The NSW Department of Education provides guidance for Early Childhood Education and Care services. 

COVID-19 guidance for ECEC services

The NSW government has a Covid-safe toolkit which provides a range of COVID-19 health and hygiene posters to use in your service

Cleaning and Hygiene

Within System7 you can utilise QA2 / Modules 2, 3 and 4 to review and assess your current practices and documentation.

The Childcare Centre Desktop also contains related resources including the module for control of infectious diseases, all relevant policies and cleaning routines.

Resources, NQS Element, Regulation and System7 links

Childcare Centre Desktop – Policies and procedures

National Quality Standard – QA2 / Element 2.1.2

National Regulations – 77 (Health, hygiene and safe food practices) 88 (Infectious diseases)

System7 Module – QA2 – 2, 3 and 4

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